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Rigo Council Chamber Open

By Delly Waigeno – EM TV, Port Moresby

Rigo District, in the Central Province, is getting ready for developments within the district capital, Kwikila station.

Local Level Government leaders, led by Rigo Central President, Freddie Silona, saw the need to establish their office, in order to enable development for the people.

The initiative saw the re-opening of the District Council Chamber on Frida where the event lured Central Governor Kila Haoda, and Rigo MP, Ano Pala.

Kwikila station in the Rigo District of Central Province was full of activity on Friday as the Rural LLG staged the re-commissioning of the District’s Council Chamber.

Central Governor, Kila Haoda, and Rigo MP, Ano Pala, officiated at the ceremony, which signified a new chapter for the three LLG’s in the District.

During the speeches, Governor Haoda said the re-opening of the Chamber was a result of commitment to work together for the people.

Iobu Lalaivaina, CEO District Development Authority said “When we come to the third level government, this is the house that is going to make important decisions.”

Local member, Ano Pala, said changes have been done at the national level to ensure effective implementation of Government policy on the ground. One of those changes was the creation of the Rigo District Authority to place the JDP.

 “Chamber is very important because it is the place where the peoples voices will be heard, it is the place where the councillors voices will be heard, it is the place where the voices of the silent majority will be heard. It is the symbol of democracy,” Mr Pala said.

He also announced that the District is in for good change in the near future, with plans already underway to fix up the Kwikila Market and the ring road. The announcement was welcome news for Rigo Central LLG President, Freddie Silona.

Freddie Silona, President Rigo Central LLG said “I believe for us to be part of that development, we must set the pace, which we have to have a base to deliver that service. And that’s how I came up with this initiative to put my office in order so that we have a place where we have meetings and pass rules and laws, etc. so that development will pass through.”

Mr Pala said the Chamber is a step forward, when it comes to discussions to advance the cause of the people of Rigo.

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