Rigo Cassava Project gets K1.5 million funding

The people of Rigo District inthe Central Province will stand to reap whatthey sow thanks to a deposit of 1.5 million kina to purchase large scale farming equipment for the Cassava project located at Launakalana.

The mover is initiated and funded by Rigo MP & Minister for TransportoAno Pala, as part of a broader agricultural plan for the Central Province.


The cassava project has gainedthe support of Central Province Governor Kila Haoda who signed a MoU earlier this year with Korean based company Changhae Tapioca.


The MoU focuses on an out-growers program whichthe former arrangements did not focus wholly on.


This will allow individuals withinthe district to become more involved and be active participants through sourcingthe nucleus estate with raw materials.


CEO of Changhae Engineering Doo Pyo Chung saidthe company inthe past concentrated ontheir own efforts; however, now it is looking to involvethe people andthe government and sharetheir technology.


The Rigo Cassava Project rejuvenated afterthe government announces to focus on Agriculture inthe country.

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