Resource PNG – Episode 77


We interview Don Polye who talks on:

  1. Forecast any changes tothe mining tax regime for the oil and mining sector.
  1. You have consistently ralllied for a state share in resource extraction endeavours. Could you enlist for our viewers some ofthe major projects thatthe State has undertaken fromthe money flowing in fromthe Resource sector.  
  1. The Autonomous Bougainville government has intheir new mining policy given resource ownership to landowners.   It istheir intention thatthe landowners andthe provincial government will ownthe entire public stake inthe Resource project. Is such a policy acceptable tothe National Government and how would this affect Resource projects in ther provinces?
  1. Onthe one hand your support has been for State ownership of resources, however you have also recently expressed your support for provinces to become more autonomous.  Autonomous governments could also make decisions like what Bougainville has done which could affectthe National Government’s resources to carry out its economic policies, what according to you arethe real benefits of Autonomous rule and what arethe resultant side effects tothe functioning ofthe National government.
  1. Do you thinkLandowners should have greater ownership in Resource projects than currently allowed in legislation?

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