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Resettlement is Way Forward for Manam Plight

By Rachael Shisei – EM TV News, Madang

Another load of relief supplies for the volcano-displaced Manam Islanders was made available last week at all three care centres, with the remaining deliveries to be completed today.

The Madang Provincial Disaster Office delivered a total of 671 bales containing 20 packets of rice, with flour and oil yet to be delivered.

“We are happy, especially the children to be getting food again, but we as the leaders on the ground are not really happy because these supplies will run out in just a week or so in reality,” said Solomon Lamang, a leader from the Iabu LLG on the island.

The internally displaced group for the most part does not understand why the government is not making sure their problem gets addressed permanently.

“The prisoners, the law breakers are eating three times a day, and we who are displaced by a natural disaster are not,” Lamang stressed.

According to the Provincial Administrator, Daniel Aloi, in a recent interview, the monies used to provide relief supplies are from PSIP Funds.

Aloi said that is the money on record that will be used for the management of the care centres.

Nonetheless, the PSIP funds are not enough to continuously provide all year round for the islanders, for as long they are stationed at the care centres.

Providing one-off relief supplies year after year for 12 years now has proven to be very costly.

With that, the Provincial Administrator believes that permanent resettlement for the islanders, as soon as possible, is the way forward.

“We can point fingers and say many things that we want to say, but I as the Provincial Administrator has made it very clear to the islanders at occasions, that their permanent resettlement is the way forward,” Aloi said.

Despite the Manam Resettlement Bill not given the chance to be tabled in parliament, work has started in Andarum, the chosen resettlement area.

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