Report on Human Smuggling released

The Immigration Task Force team is concerned more Nepalese citizens smuggled out oftheir country are onthe way tPNG.

And while that is taking place,the government has moverd to impose tougher penalties on persons involved.

This was announced on Friday atthe launch of a report on human trafficking, researched over two years.

The report revealed that logging sit’s havethe highest number of illegal immigrants. They have been smuggled in ether for sex exploitation, forced labour and ther types of slavery.

It has been found that female children are most vulnerable inthe country.

Mr. Kariko saidthe events of human smuggling that surfaced in Port Moresby recently are clear examples for government to urgently amendthe criminal code. He said when amended, laws will be toughened and those implicated will be penalized accordingly.

With backing fromtheInternational Organization for Migration andthe US government,the departments of justice and attorney general, foreign affairs and labour will take a holistic approach to address this issue inthe country.

Today,the trafficking in persons and people smuggling baseline data and training needs assessment report was launched.

The US government is inthe frontline assistin PNG.

Meantime, more than sixty Nepalese men have arrived in Singapore and are preparing to come intothe country.

The immigration task force team saidthey are aware oftheir arrival.

The task force team saidthe nine currently detained atthe Beroko Police station will be deported this week.

Bernadette Efi, National EMTV News

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