Rape Settlement Deal is Highly Significant, says International Legal Expert


Tyler Giannini, a clinical professor of law and Co-Director of Harvard Law School’s Human Rights Program, says that the the settlement deal between the world’s biggest gold miner and a group of women who were raped by security guards and police at the company’s Pogera mine has wider significance.

The confidential settlement means the women and their lawyers at Earth Rights International can’t say much publicly.

Mr Giannini says even though the details of deal can’t be publicised, the deal by Barrick Gold is still highly significant.

He has written widely about abuses related to the mining industry and carried out investigations in many countries including PNG.

The 11 women had threatened to file a lawsuit against Barrick Gold in the United States but the parties have reached an out-of-court settlement.

“The women will receive compensation under the Porgera remedy framework, and a payment in connection with their participation in the mediation process,” Barrick Gold said in a joint statement with human rights group Earth Rights International, who helped the women in the case.


Source: ABC Australia 

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