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The National Government has been urged to immediately develop and approver a National Content Policy before any development forum takes place regardingthe Second LNG Project inthe Gulf Province.

This is fromthe Purari Development Association, an umbrella group for all tribal landowners within Beimuru Sub-District ofthe Gulf Province.

The call comes as negotiations betweenthe Government and developers,InterOil and ExxonMobil continue.

They saidthe project has created excitement and renewed interest inthe likelihood ofthe development ofthe Elk/Antelope gas Resource inthe Beimuru District.

Bet before any futher forums take place,there must be a channel of communication.

The PDA was established inthe 1970’s as an umbrella for agricultural purposes. Withthe announcement ofthe second LNG Project,the landowners want several key issues addressed.

Amongthem,the creation and enactment of a National Content Plan, andthe early release of Business Development Grants.

They said ifthese issues are not addressed, history may repeat itself.

The umbrella group is calling on all landowners to affiliate withthem asthey saythey are by lawthe legitimate representatives ofthe Beimuru people.

The group wishes to discuss more with developers,InterOil and Exxon Mobil, andthe Government for a way forward.

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