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June 27, 2022

Public Outrage over Rogue Police Behaviour

By Theckla Gunga – EM TV, Port Moresby

Our story on the sexual assault of a group of women by ten police officers in Port Moresby, on Saturday 25 January, has received numerous comments from the public on social media, particularly Facebook.

The comments expressed anger, frustration and called for immediate action on rouge police officers, by the police hierarchy.

The story was initially published yesterday on EMTV’s Online Facebook page with the headline ‘Female Vendors Sexually Assaulted’.

It was later shared to PNG News, a Facebook closed-group page, which attracted close to two hundred comments, and almost three hundred likes from Facebook users around the country.   

Much emphasis was stressed by Facebook users on the ill behaviour of police officers and many said, they have lost trust in the police. 

The common message highlighted in most comments was the need for the police hierarchy to take quick disciplinary actions on the police officers who abused their authority.         

But amongst the comments on this story, a respectable member of the constabulary commented saying, all officers who are found to have broken the law while acting as a law enforcers are submitted to an internal investigation.

He said those found guilty will face serious disciplinary charges, sent to criminal prosecution and will be jailed.  

Meanwhile the constabulary is encouraging citizens to report such matters at police stations so when the case is investigated, it can easily be narrowed down to find those involved.

The police hierarchy is again advising the public that if they happen to face a similar incident, they have to remember details, such as the plate numbers of the vehicle(s) used or the number of officers involved, so it can be used for identification purposes, during investigations.   


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