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Psy’s Gangnam Youtube Hits Overtake Beiber’s Baby

Park Jae-sang- more famously known by his stage name as Psy has been dubbed by the media worldwide as the “King of Youtube” due to the numbers of views to his song “Gangnam Style” on his official youtube page.

His video, published on 15th July 2012, at this very moment has page hits currently standing at a whopping 875,618,757- by far the highest viewed video on youtube to date. Gangnam Style video beats Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. Baby, published on youtube on Febuary 19, 2010, is currently lagging behind with 807,976,081 views.


Coming from an affluent background from the neighbourhood called Gangnam which is likened to the US’ Beverly Hills, “Gangnam Style” is a song that talks about the perfect girlfriend from this particular district of Seol who during the day are modest, proper, and demure, but at sunset rule the night clubs scantily clad with provocative behaviour.    


In the few short months it has taken “Gangnam Style” to go viral, Psy has had the opportunity very few fellow South Koreans have been exposed to- performing with big names such as Britney Spears, Madonna, the Jersey Shore cast, and even U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.


With his easy-going laid-back charm comprising of a lot of humour, a dash of humility with a touch of cheekiness, Psy was recently described by Gil Kaufman from MTV as one of the “biggest pop sensations in the world”. It isn’t any wonder that this little chubby newcomer’s likeable persona has been embraced the world over. His video currently has 5,652,729 likes and 361,589 dislikes, as compared with Beiber’s 1,459,980 likes, 3,241,045 dislikes.


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