Proud Parents gifted child’s class with cake worth K1, 000

Imagine a cake worth K1000 purchased for a class party.

Well, it was a surprise gift for the Grade Seven D students of Hohola Demonstration School in Port Moresby.

Grade Seven D’s of Hohola Demonstration received an early Christmas gift, a cake worth K1000 on Thursday morning.

The cake was a gift from a student’s parents, as their contribution to the end of year class party.

Charlene Abboy said she was lost for words when her father brought the cake in.

Class teacher Dorothy Nick said that for the first time since she started teaching 22 years ago, someone has paid for a cake worth K1000.

She thanked Mr and Mrs Abboy for their kind contribution and support to the class.

The cake measures two meters both length and width topped with chocolate and vanilla cream, complete with a plastic doll figure, racing cars and trees.

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