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Property Officer Calls on City Council Management to Clarify Sale of Property

By Julie Badui Owa – EMTV News, Lae

The Lae City Council Property Officer, Peter Saigomi has called on the Management of the City Council to clarify to the public why the Council sold one of their properties at Oleander Street in Lae, last year.

Mairobs Distribution Limited bought the residential property, following a decision made by the Council Members the property on 16th June in 2016.

The City Planner and tenant, Celestine Rameng who has lived there since 2010, left the property after he was issued an execution order by the Police, almost three weeks ago.

The Planner and his family are currently living in the JICA office that deals with the Project Study of Lae-Nadzab Urban Development Plan.

According to the Officer-in-charge of Lae City Council Properties, Peter Saigomi, two residential properties for employees were sold in 2014, followed by another in 2015.

This property here at Oleander Street in Eriku, Lae, is the fourth property of Lae Urban Local Level Government that was sold last year to Mairobs Distribution Limited, a hire car company.

Mr. Saigomi told EMTV News in Lae that he was not notified on the sale of this government property.

The property was occupied by the Lae City Planner, Celestine Rameng and his family since for eight years.

On 16th June in 2016, during an Executive Council meeting, with the presence of the Lord Mayor, five ward councilors and the former city manager, considered the sale of this property to Mairobs Distribution Limited.

On the 9th of May last year, the hire car company bought this property at a cost of K1 million. K750,000 was paid to City Council, while the rest was used by the Management to settle the council’s debts.

Almost three weeks ago, the City Planner was forced to leave the property with court orders, after living there for eight years.

Lae City Council has over 70 properties, that include 50 residential properties. Management has sold four since 2014.

According to the Department of Lands and Physical Planning, there are 32 steps that must be checked before selling or buying a government property.

Peter Saigomi who has been employed with Lae City Council for over 20 years said the Management of Lae City Council did not follow most of the procedures.


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