Project funds clariflied when Member loses seat

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill toldthe Parliamentthe outcome of election petitions will not preventthe release of project funds to districts.

Peter O’Neill informedthe house that if a member loses his or her seat throughthe courts,the deputy chair ofthe Joint District Budget Priority Committee ensures continuity.

Several electorates inthe country have fallen victims to election petitions followingthe general election.

Funds have been withheld and social and infrastructural projects not implemented.

Goilala was one; NCD andthe Kairuku Hiri districts are still battling it out atthe National court.

However, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told parliament funds are not meant to be frozen in this instances.

This response followed concerns raised by Central Governor Kila Haoda onthe Kairuku Hiri district.

Mr. Haoda said he was advised by his provincial administrator that funds for the district were withheld pendingthe court’s decision.

He said it is almost year end andthe people are still kept in suspense.

Mr. O’Neill saidthe deputy chair of JDPBe will take charge ofthe allocation of funds to projects.

Allthese practices will comply withthe Finance management act.

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