Probe Recommendations

The Opposition has drawn attention to the numerous Public Accounts Committee investigation recommendations that have not been implemented by the government.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil, says many of the investigations have provided evidence and named people who have not been arrested or charged.


The Opposition has since written to the Police Commissioner and Ombudsman Commission to act on the recommendations.


The Public accounts committee used to be viewed as one of the most effective and most active of parliamentary committees. 


In the last 10 years,   the committee gained prominence after a series of investigations into state owned companies, government departments and state agencies.


Between 2000 and 2010, they investigated the Finance Department, the NCDC, the Health Department,   the National Housing Corporation and many more. 


But what happened to the investigations, the evidence and recommendations?    Those are questions being asked by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition who wants to see some action taken.


For two terms, Bogia MP, John Hickey, has been chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.


He earned the reputation of being a tenacious investigator who was backed by team MPs members who came and went at various times. 


After 10 years, he said the rate of prosecution after PAC investigations were completed has been next to none.


On many occasions, the PAC operated without funds. 


There were speculations that the committee was deliberately starved of funding because of its activities.

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