Pro’s to assist MP Maru in development Plans

A group of professionals fromthe Yangoru Sausia electorate inthe East Sepik Province have come togther and established an association to assist developtheir electorate.

Calledthe Yangoru Sausia Professional Network Association –they will assistthe local Member of Parliament Richard Maru drive development plans for the district.

The executive members were elected overthe weekend, Mr. Maru alsothe Minister for Commerce, Trade andIndustry Richard Maru was guest speaker.

The president is formePNG Australia Alumni association president Charlie Glichibi, Menser Wagun is his vice, Paul Dopsiethe treasurer and Dominica Maithe secretary.

The association will operate independently and will assistthe local MP drive his development agendas inthe next five years. Education is on top ofthe list of priorities.

Mr Maru talked aboutthe mismanagement of funds, passingthe buck to successive MP’s

The Yangoru Sausia electorate has been given an additional sixteen million kina on top ofthe ten million kina underthe District Services Improverment Program.

K3 million for roads, K2 million for both education and health, and K1 million each for economic developmentolaw and order and administration.

Mr. Maru’said thatthe association will play an effective role in assuring that vital services are delivered.

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