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Prime Minister O’Neill: Maseratis to be used by other Foreign Officials

By Adelaide Kari – EMTV News, Port Moresby

Questions over the use of Maseratis continue with social media users questioning the use of the sports cars after armored vehicles belonging to the Philippines president arrived in Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, yesterday, November 14.

Social media users poured out frustrations asking if there was a need in the first place to purchase the luxury sports cars.

The country’s Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, commented that the purchase of the 40 Maserati luxury sports cars will be used for other foreign officials.

With just one day away from the APEC 21 leaders arrival in Port Moresby, the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, yesterday had a final walk-through of key APEC venues.

These include the Hilton Hotel where the welcome gala dinner will be held, the International Media Center where 2,000 international media personnel will be based during the summit and the APEC House, where the leaders summit will be held.

But the main question asked to the Prime Minister was about the 40 Maseratis and their use as the world leaders like US, Russia, China and the Philippines will be using their own armored vehicles.

The PNG Prime Minister’s response is that the vehicles will be used for other foreign officials also and not only the world leaders.

“Fourty Maserati you know, I know people want to focus on that but it is not only the world leaders who are here. There are foreign ministers, very senior ministers of governments, trade ministers, other distinguished leaders who are also going to be using every available vehicle that we can get and I think we have done very well so far and Papua New Guineans should be very proud of it,” stated the PNG Prime Minister.

Social media has not kept quiet about their views and it looks like the debate and the purchasing of the luxury sports vehicles will still be a debated issue long after the APEC leaders summit concludes.

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