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Prepetory Meeting for South Pacific Games 2015

A total of four thousand athletes in 22 Pacific Nationsincluding Australia and New Zealand will participate in 28 different sports inthe South Pacific Games here in 2015.

The Games have involved all stakeholders, Organizations andIndividuals to work towards deliveringthe best Games come 2015.


That wasthe central message at a combined meeting in Port Moresby last Friday.


Representttatives of different Churches, Communities and organizations in Port Moresby met withthe 2015 Pacific Games Organizing Committees.


The meeting discussedthe Games in detail and howtheir involvementthe effect it will have onthe delivery ofthe games.


Stewart assured thattheir assistance in getting people involved will be rewarding andthe outcome of which will be a memorable and enriching experience to all.


Employment and Volunteer opportunities will come out mid next year andthe general public are encouraged to apply.

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