Possibility: More Money in Horticulture thanthe LNG Project for Farmers

Studies into a new horticulture operation in PNG could bring in more money thanthe LNG Project for local farmers.


Owner of Koitaki Farm Lord Peter Murray said research is being done on a plant that has an international demand and is in short supply.

He said ifthe outcome ofthe studies are positive… farmers and landholders can growthe plant and make good income from it.


The latest economic updates according tothe Oxford Business Group Report saythe agriculture sector in PNG will face considerable challenges in coming years unlessthe government increases financial support and infrastructure development.


Agriculturists and owner of Koitaki farm Lord Peter and Lady Berry Murray have found a potential breakthrough in boostin PNG’s agriculture sector.


Lord Peter Murray said, “It is a plant which we believe will bethe beginning of a major operation in our country”.


The Crocus is a type flowering plant native to colder countries. It’s demand however, is global. It’s commercial value lies in it’s commercial uses such as food flavoring, medicinal uses, and as a carrier of ther materials.  


There is a worldwide shortage andthe current supply meets less than one percent ofthe global demand. It would be worth over K80,000.00 per kilogram.


The Murrays believe thaPNG can tap into this market and revolutionizethe agriculture sector. Research is now being done atthe University of Natural Resources and Environment in East New Beitain to Genetically modifythe plant so that it can be suitable for growing in Tropical environments.


Murray concluded by saying, “…we’re trying to definitely getthe Government interested in this and I’m waiting for us to have a delegation fromthe University and ourselves at Koitaki withthe Prime Minister to show him what we have in mind for our country…”.

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