Porgera Mt. Kare Landowners are not Backing Down

The Porgera Mt. Kare landowners are sayingthey will not back down nor give up fighting for the funds that rightfully belong tothem.


This comes aftertheir demands were slammed by Acting Managing Director of Mineral Resource Authority, Philip Samar.


Frustrated landowners turned up at EMTV on Sunday asking to airtheir views.


Two weeks agothey held a media conference makingtheir intentions known abouttheir five point demands tothe state.


However, MRA’s Acting Managing Director Philip Samar gave an invitation for the Porgera Mt. Kare landowners to take part inthe MoA review in Kokopo later this month.


“The commitments bythe state are very clear underthe existing MOA. Currently,there is no commitment bythe state for the Porgera Mt. Kare Young Generations Group,” said Samar.

Betthe Group Chairman Jonah Kipu saysthere has to be proper awareness carrlied out beforethe MOA review can take place.


“The review isthe third thing to be done. First thing is do make and awareness, second is to do proper research based uponthe research report and findings,then review can be conducted,” said Kipu.

“The mine has been operating for the last twenty five years, how can such person like Philip Samar come up and say he’s capable enough to conductthe review? He doesn’t know what happened inthe last twenty five years,” Kipu added.

They saythey have giventheir demands andthe state only has less than a week to respond.


They also provided evidence of letters and correspondences from government ministers to departmental heads concerningtheir pay out of six-million kina (K6m) for the Awareness Project andthe Community Besed Special Research Project.



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