Porgera Mine Project Memorandum of Agreement

The review ofthe Porgera Mine Project Memorandum of Agreement is progressing well this week in Kokopo, East New Beitain Province.

Parties tothe MoA –the State, Enga Provincial GovernmentoPorgeraLandowners and Porgera Development Authority, commenced preliminary discussions on Monday.


Developer ofthe projectoBerrick GolPNG, is attending as an observer, butthere are strong sentiments from all parties thatthe company should be a party tothe MoA.


Atthe review in Kokopothe State’s team leader John Ipidari said many issues were discussed on day one ofthe review proper.


Amongthese,the State’s commitment which included Special Support Grants, royalties and tax credit’scheme were re-visited.


Acting Managing Director for the Mineral Resources Authority, Philip Samar, appealed to all parties to exercise respectounderstanding and integrity duringthe meeting.


He saidthe MRA was committed to MoA processes for all mining projects including that of Porgera Mine Project.


This round of review for the Porgera Mine Project is a progressive one and a few more reviews are expected to be held beforethe parties agree on a draft MoA.


After a draft MoA is signed bythe parties, it will be tabled in cabinet for its final blessings andthen, a formal MoA will be signed.

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