POM Youth Volunteers: Help Keep Our City Clean

It’s that time ofthe year where celebrations are high with plenty of food and drinks. City residents have been urged to dispose oftheir rubbish responsibly while celebrating and welcomingthe New Year which is only one day away.

One group of volunteers, mostly youths residing at Paga Hill in Port Moresby, have taken tothe beatchfront at Ela Beach to clean upthe sea-front.

The youth volunteers have called on city residents to simply puttheir rubbish inthe bins provided or designated rubbish disposal areas.

Without proper hand glovers,the residents, have volunteered to cleanthe beatch front. Cathy Raim, is a regular informal vendor at Ela Beach. She, likethe rest ofthe youths, is a volunteer because as a vendor she feels it’s her responsibility to keepthe area clean. Cathy also claims that residents fromthe Town area have been disposingtheir rubbish at Ela Beach at odd times ofthe day, adding tothe overfull rubbish bins.

The volunteers have urged authorities to supportthem cleanthe city.

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