POM: Road Accident KillsInstantly

A young man was killed instantly this morning after he was hit by a vehicle onthe Somare Circuit road at Waigani.

The vehicle was still atthe scene a few hours later when EMTV arrived atthe scene. The young man was taken away by an ambulance, while occupants ofthe green double cab, license plate BeU 990, were taken away by police.


According to withnesses,the young man was collecting empty drink cans whenthe vehicle hit him.


Eye withnesses saidthe young man was collecting cans onthe side ofthe road whenthe vehicle veered offthe road and bumpedthe boy, smashing him into a tree inthe process.


Underthe twisted hood ofthe vehicle, a pair of thongs remained, showing wherethe victim stood before he met his fate.


Just nearby laythe scattered cans, containers andthe plastic he carrliedthem in. Witnesses also cleared away soil to showthe victim’s blood, whichthey covered.


Police onthe scene could not say wherethe vehicle occupants were taken to, but withnesses confirmedthere were three men inthe vehicle.


Upon close inspection of vehicle,there were traces of blood, beer bottles andthe stench of alcohol.


The young man, we later learned, was taken tothe lay out room atthe Port Moresby General Hospital.


His lower right body was mutilated upon impact. He looked to be in his early twenties, and fromthe Gulf province orthe highlands region.

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