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Polye: Sorcery a Culture of Brutal Killing

By Jack Lapauve Jr – EM TV, Port Moresby

Opposition leader, Don Polye, wants tougher penalties imposed on people accusing others of practicing sorcery.

Polye said people must move away from such belief as it has left a culture of brutal killing in the country. He called on the government to seriously enforce harsher penalties concerning the matter.

Mr Polye said the belief of practising sorcery is unbecoming in a country branded as a Christian nation. Polye said accusers of sorcery have created a culture of brutal killing. He wants tougher penalties imposed because those involved in killings walk away freely from the arms of the law.

In PNG, most sorcery related killings happen in the Highlands region, while a few in Coastal communities. From police observation, crimes related to sorcery are increasing with family units breaking apart.

Meanwhile Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said the belief in sorcery has had great effect on all communities especially in the highlands region.

Opposition leader wants the government to come down hard on this and strengthen our arm of justice. The 1971 Sorcery Act has been repeal but there are more to be solved, for a sorcery related crime.

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