Police to Tighten Recruiting Process


By Theckla Gunga – EMTVNews, Port Moresby

Recent media publications on police officers involved in sexual assaults and car thefts have raised concerns on the kind of training police recruits get at the Bomana Police Training College.

NCD and Central Divisional Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said there will be adjustments made to the recruiting process to ensure the best candidates are selected to join the disciplinary force.

Commander Kalaut said the force would be tightening up the recruitment process to minimise the number of police brutality cases and ill disciplinary actions by police officers in Papua New Guinea.

“We need to properly screen the applicants to ensure those with high aptitude tests are recruited into the force,” Commander Kalaut said.

He said double-checking the recruitment process would give the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary some form of integrity.

Last year, there was a debate on the number of months police officers are required to undergo full training.

Following this, Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, made an announcement to increase the training time from six to 18 months.

This week, at least three police officers in Port Moresby were formally charged for sexually assaulting two female victims, one at the Boroko Station and the other in a police vehicle while traveling from Hohola to Gordon’s.

Another suspended officer who was on the run was captured by police in Port Moresby yesterday and is currently being detained at Boroko.

The move to tighten the recruiting process is seen as a positive step to properly screen the applicants before allowing them to join the force.

Currently, 400 recruits are undergoing training at the Bomana Training College and will pass out in March this year.

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