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Police Sector Response Unit

Just a week  after  a Police  Sector Response Unit was launched in Lae, criminals who once took advantage of  weak  policing in Papua New Guinea’s second largest City are starting to feel the pinch.

The unit was the first to respond  after an armed robbery early Monday.

The stolen vehicle used by six suspects was  tailed. After fleeing the vehicle, the suspects were chased on foot until three were caught.

According to police the men, armed with homemade guns,  walked into Lae’s BNBM hardware and tried to rob the safe.

One of the managers  resisted and they stabbed him.

Police were alerted within  minutes, the Sector Response Unit spung into action.  Other units blocked of exit routes.

Eye witnesses said even while under fire,  police remained controlled  and didn’t open fire until they were in the clear.

At least one of  the suspects was  shot by police  and taken to Angau hospital.

The vehicle was recovered  along with the weapons and radios used by the suspects.

Since  setting up the Sector response unit, Lae’s police command has been monitoring the results.

The average response time has been  anything between five and ten minutes.

Lae’s Metropolitan Superintendent,  Anthony Wagambie Jnr., has since issued a stern  warning  to criminals to stop attempting to disrupt businesses  in Lae City.

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