Police recover fire arms stolen from registry

Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga announced that allthe firearms stolen fromthe firearm registry atthe Police headquarters were recovered on Wednesday.

Kuluga saidthe police are investigatingthe security lapse and suspects will be arrested.

The motives behindthe break-in have not been established andthe suspects have not yet been arrested.

Atthe media conference atthe police headquarters in Port Moresby, Commissioner Kulunga said initial investigations reveal thatthere were no guards on duty duringthe early hours of Monday whenthebreakn occurred atthe firearm registry.

He corrected earlier reports that an armory was broken into. There is no armory atthe headquarters.

Kulunga commended Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bewa andthe officers under his command for recoveringthe firearms and ammo after 72 hours.

The stolen firearms recovered include 15 handguns, a pump action shotgun, and 150 rounds of point two-two rounds. Commissioner Kulunga said most ofthe firearms recovered are serviceable or unusable firearms collected for disposal. These ones will be destroyed.

Delly Begu, National EMTV News

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