Police Investigates New Year Shooting of Young Mother

By Sylvester Gawi – EM TV, Lae

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Ivan Lakatani, has made an official statement on the New Year shooting of a young mother in Lae.

According to police reports, the shooting followed a high-speed car chase by a police and security vehicle.  Lakatani said police did fire warning shots but he stopped short of confirming that the bullet that killed Moana Pisimi was from a police weapon.

It’s been four days since Moana Barnanga Pisimi was shot dead at the Malahang Backroad area.

The young mother of two from Butibam village was shot in the back of head and died instantly in her vehicle.

There are conflicting reports about the killing. Today, Iven Lakatani, told the Lae media that police got involved in a pursuit and they fired warning shots.

However, Lakatani stopped short of stating if a police bullet actually killed her. He added a thorough investigation would show who pulled the trigger.

“Investigations have started immediately on the day of the incident, ” says Lakatani.

The rear window of the vehicle shows a bullet hole in the glass, and another in  one of the back tires.

Police are awaiting the results of a post mortem to confirm the type of weapon used in the shooting.

“Only a post mortem report from a doctor will verify the type of weapon used in the shooting.” 

The official police report is that the car chase started off at this section of the Markham road where Moana Pisimi  bumped into the gates of the Theodist stationery shop.

She was then chased by a guard dog security vehicle through the top town area then onwards to Malahang.

Ivan Lakatani says police fired warning shots were fired.  However the vehicle was reportedly driven at high speed and didn’t slow down. 

“The suspect vehicle was in front, followed by a guard dog vehicle then police,” Lakatani said.

While Moana’s immediate family members have remained relatively quiet, many members of the public say they want justice to be served on the person who pulled the trigger.

Police have also given assurances that those responsible will be dealt with accordingly.

They have also called for cooperation from eyewitnesses and family members.

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