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The current Police strength in Papua New Guineais set to increase by about seventy five percent in two and a half years. This should improverthe Police/People ratio of one to one thousand six hundred. And on its way to conform tothe UN Standard scale of one to four hundred and fifty.

The lopsided ratio in turnover of people leads tothe inevitable problems of law and order. The police force aims to address this by recruiting about eight hundred constables.

 Assistant Commissioner in charge of Human Resource Francis Tokura sayPNG’s rapid growth means more manpower.

The government has approverd this, so by 2015,there should be over 8000 policemen. Unlike previous years, recruitment will be done using an automated data base to avoid cheating and fraud.

The automated system will finalisethe short-listed applicants. The recruitment team willthen visit provinces to conduct interviews. 

The final successful applicants will be sorted out again in accordance withthe quota system to ensure those selected have met all requirements. Training for all recruits should commence in April atthe Bemana Police College.

Beidgette Komatep, National EMTV News

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