Police Destroys Manu Market

Stalls at Manu Market inthe Nation’s Capital were burnt down late yesterday afternoon.

Table tops were destroyed, vegetables thrown ontothe ground and burnt atthe same time.

Eye withnesses saidthe police causedthe damage yesterday between 6:30 to 7pm after a by – stander threw a stone at a police vehicle.  This came about after police intervened in a drunken and disorderly situation.   

This morningthe destruction continued. Those affected were women, most ofthem mthers.  One woman’said she was man handled bythe police. She showed us her bruises.

Police have talked to market committee members askingthem to identifythe perpetrator.   

ChiefInspector Perou N’dranou confirmed he gave instructions to his men to stabilisethe market area.

He saysthe market will remain closed until order and justice is brought back tothe market. He will have ongoing dialogue withthe market committee and NCD.

He saysthe Manu Market has become a hot spot for criminal elements and he saysthe action had to be taken to startthe clean-up process.

Meanwhile NCDC Deputy City Manager previously said Manu Market is not a designated market.

Meredith Kuusa, National EMTV News

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