Police Criminal Investigation Training

by Bethanie Harriman – EM TV News,  Lae

Lae Police Officers have been performing Criminal Investigation duties for the last ten years without the proper training.

In the last six weeks trainers from Bomana Training College have been training twenty-five officers from different divisions to carry out basic CID work.

Trainer, Detective Inspector, Joseph Koi, said the six weeks course was designed for officers who haven’t attended any CID Course.

“This course was designed to train Officers already acting the role of investigators” says Detective Inspector, Koi. 

In the last ten years, Lae City’s crime rate has increased the sprawling settlements and in them, clashes resulting in killings and sexual assault, all of which are suspected to be fuelled by homebrew and marijuana.

Lae Policemen and women who lack the manpower and logistics to handle an increased amount of criminal cases have continued with their duties, policing these areas and maintaining crime.

There is now a small but significant breakthrough, which is the training for those who have been working on criminal cases without the necessary guidance.

The six-week intensive, interaction course has brought together criminal minds from all over the country. 

Men and women that work to put Rapists, Murders and thieves behind bars are getting the training needed to do their jobs.

Senior Constable, Odilia Samoa, attached with the Lae Criminal Investigation Division said she has gathered the skills she was missing for the last ten years.

Senior Inspector, Paul Bai, who spent 42 years in the Police, 25 years of which as the Momase Regional Training Officer said with technology advancing, police training need to be updated.

“They’ve had no knowledge of basic investigative skills, but I am glad that the program was done in the province so we have more Officers taking part,” says Senior Inspector, Bai.

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