PNGFA President vowed to ensure Soccer reaches the Rural Population

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By Fidelis Sukina – EMTV Sports, Port Moresby

Newly elected Papua New Guinea Football Association President, John Kapi Natto, recently came out publicly at the Eastern Papua Carnival Soccer tournament, on the situation of the PNGFA since the split in the association in 2016, and the unification recently this year.

As elected president of PNGFA, he vowed publicly that he will ensure that the growth of soccer reaches the rural population and PNGFA has a clean record of acquitting FIFA funding in Papua New Guinea.

Some faithful soccer followers may still remember the split in the Papua New Guinea Football Association’s in 2016, back then, John Kapi Natto had stepped down as the Vice President of PNGFA and wanted to stand for the presidency against the then PNGFA, David Chung.

That did not turn out as planned, despite having the numbers to win the presidency, John Kapi Natto had his soccer association and seven other associations suspended for various reasons, some for late acquittals and management of their associations.

But since the split, an 80-page letter by John Kapi Natto sent to FIFA has bought in a resolve, and with the stepping down of David Chung as President of PNGFA, John Kapi Natto was recently voted in as the new PNGFA president.

Kapi Natto says he will try his best as the PNGFA President to ensure that soccer reaches the masses in Papua New Guinea, right down to the rural population

He has also vowed to help clean up PNGFA of any corruption and has confirmed that the international governing body of soccer; FIFA will be sending a representative to check on the progress.


Fidelis Sukina

A PNG Studies graduate from Divine Word University who majored in International Relations, A passionate person about mass media, worked in the Print media and now joining the most senior Broadcast newsroom in PNG, he reports on General News and Sports in the Nambawan to Watch Station EMTV

Fidelis Sukina