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PNGDF stands ready to provide Security during APEC Leader’s Week

By Theckla Gunga – EMTV News


The Papua New Guinea Defense Force stands ready to assist the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary CARRY out the APEC Security Operation during the Leader’s Week starting on the 15th of this month.

They will respond to counter terrorism threats, public riots and provide escort for the 21 world leaders and their delegates.

Third in command of the PNGDF, Colonel Siale Diro is confident the Task Group Mero, the PNGDF contingent of the APEC Joint Security Task Force team will deliver a safe and secure APEC.

A parade involving members of the land, sea and air elements was staged to mark the conclusion of the different preparations PNGDF have undergone in the last four years.

These preparations include Fire Power Demonstration, responses to Terrorism threats, protection of Vital Government Assets and how to respond to public unrests.

Chief of Force Preparations, Colonel Siale Diro during the parade this morning handed over a certificate signify the start of the operations for APEC Security.

This task is considered one of the biggest security operation, not only for the three disciplinary forces but all law enforcing agencies.

This parade marks the transition phase from the preparation stage to operation mood.

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