PNGDF Cadets Sent to Study at Australian Academy

The Defence Corporation program betweePNG and Australia has gone one step futher. Forthe first time twPNG Defence Force cadets will be attending a degree program atthe Australian Defence Force Academy, an affiliate ofthe University of New South Wales.

PNGDF Commander, Beigadier General Francis Agwi, commended Australia for this milestone.


Officer cadets, Mark Rakatani and Jthenial Wariambu arethe first to represenPNG under this new arrangement. Beth were chosen out of hundreds of applicants through a comprehensive selection process.


This is a step futher tothe ongoing training programs underthe Defence corporation arrangement betweenthe two countries. The cadets will attend 4 years training atthe university andthe last year atthe defence academy. This is a boost forPNG F in producing quality officers to jointhe force.


Beigadier general, Francis Awai was present atthe Australian High Commission in Port Moresby this morning to congratulatethe two cadets.


The commander oPNGDF said this signifies a milestone for the country to be able to send cadets for this training withthe assistance from Australian Defence force. The training is funded undePNG-Australia Defence Cooperation Programs, valued at an estimated 27 million Australian dollars which was announced earlier this year.


Commander Agwi is pleased with this development as it is a plus forthPNG Defence force.


Though excited,the officers do have a huge responsibility in beingthe ambassadors for the country. Scheduled to depart onthe 2nd of January 2014, both receivedtheir airlines ticket from commander Agwi.


Officer Wariambu will return after 5 years with a degree to work alongside his fther, Major Greg Wariambu.

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