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September 18, 2021
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PNG students Artistic Drawings kept for 50 years by Missionary Teacher

One of the early female missionaries who came to Papua New Guinea, Lynnette Wintergerst, has kept the drawings of her students in Yangoru AOG community school for 50-years.

Below are some pictures of her album which she handed to EMTV Online upon request.

Lynne’s Album

“I held my precious album in my hands and, as usual, was overwhelmed with love for ‘my’ children. I am so proud of every one of them, for what they achieved when we were together and for the amazing lives they have forged for themselves by the help of God,” she says.

Cocoa Plantation_Gazzelle Peninsula_ By Hwaiehwie (Age 12)     Chimbu Children at Play_ By Singoru (Age 10)
My Home_By Jinamia (Age 9)                                          Timber Mill_ By Singeru (Age 10)
Free Choice_ By Singru (Age 10)                     Lynne Wintergerst in her house at Yangoru, 1967

Photo Credits: Lynnette Wintergerst 

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