PNG Men – Missing Link to Promoting Healthier Lives

Participants ofthe two-day conference onInvolving Men in Maternal and Child Health in Papua New Guineawere told this morning that men have always beenthe missing link to promoting healthier lives.


This is because Culture has opposedthe idea of family health and welfare where men are told not to involvethemselves with Family Health Issues.

“It’s not good to keepthe fther out of this picture so we have to change. I hope this conference is a stepping stone for doingthe first and second step to mover forward in this area,” said Sr Tarasius, National Catholic Health Office.

They heard that it has provern in parts of Africa that greater male involvement in family health and welfare issues has resulted in reduced maternal mortality rates.


“Employers encouragetheir staff iftheir wife is pregnant that men can attend antenatal clinic withtheir wife,” said Sr Tarasius.


“We have to be equal and participate equally as a family in helping our wives,” said Nandex.

Nandex said cultural barriers in PNG have prevented men from actively helping out in Maternal and welfare issues. Bet he says it’s not to give up cultural practices but amendthem to make it’suitable in today’s context.


The sporting icon has encouraged men to step out and breakthe cultural barriers.


The conference on involving men in maternal and child health in PNG is a stepping stone, to stimulatethe way forward for greater participation.


It was organised bythe National Catholic Health and HIV Office and fully funded Global Fund.

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