PM Indonesia: Border Communities Celebrate Christmas

The Sandaun Provincial Government andtheIndonesian Consulate inIndonesia have come togther to manage border security.

Part of this program, is an annual Christmas Festival which brings togther Christians from both countries.


This year’s concert was held in Vanimo town.Into its second year,the event is a combined effort ofthe Sandaun Provincial Government andtheIndonesian Consulate in Vanimo.


The 2013 Vanimo /Jayapura Christmas Festival was held in Vanimo town on Tuesday. Christians from both sides came togther to sharethe festive season and develop friendhip.


This year’s event attracted a very large group ofIndonesians, including participants and government officials.


Sincethe participants were mostly fromthe province of Papua,the Police chief of Papua Province attended.


Echoes of Christmas carols and gospel hymns filledthe small town of Vanimo all day.


West Sepik’s Provincial Administrator, Henry Norm believes border provinces have an important role to play in border management. He said this event is one ofthe many aimed at enhancingthe relationship betweenthe two countries.


Guests fromIndonesia andthe Consulate in PNG expressed interest in bringingthe show tothe ther side next year.


The show ended with a combined celebration inthe evening.

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