PNG Celebrates World Refugee Day


by Godwin Eki – EM TV, Port Moresby

Today marked a significant year for Papua New Guinea as it celebrated its first ever world refugee day at the Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby.

Representatives from the Australian Immigration and the United Nations including the West Papua Representative were all there to witness the world refugee day.

Singer Song Writer, Anslom Nakikus, was awarded a certificate by the PNG immigration, as the PNG Refugee Ambassador.

Many who attended the world refugee day described it as a very special occasion for all Papua New Guinean and a time to take the opportunity to pay tribute to Horner the strengths and resilience of the refugee in the country as well as those around the world.

Community leader for West Papua Refugee praised the work of the PNG Government for their helping hand towards refugee in the country including the assistance provided by the UN organisations.

Scot Menn, Representative from the Australian Immigration and High Com expressed similar consents regarding refugees not just in PNG but around the world. He said across the world today, many refugees are seen displaced and need our helping hand, as they have experienced a lot through conflicts, persecution and many other for of violence.

Singer Song writer and international recording artist Anslom Nakikus is the first Papua New Guinean to volunteer, to show his respects to the refugee community as the First PNG Refugee Ambassador for PNG.

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