PMIZ Landowners Frustrated


They wantthe government to be serious in developingthe projectoasthere is nothing happening onthe ground.

Rudolf Ayu isthe Chairman of KananamInvestment Limited, one of three umbrella companies formed as a result ofthPMIZ Project in Madang.


Ayu, along withthe ther chairmen, are concerned aboutthe delay ofthe project.


“Fromthe startowe’ve always sensed a level of corruption inthe project. And two weeks ago, we uncovered that it is true,” Ayu said.

Allthey are asking is for the National Government to honor its commitment in developingthe project.


The project has being left idle since 2008.


There is also no binding agreement to clearly statethe involvement ofthe umbrella companies.


Mr. Ayu says,the project has become too politicized, and questionedthe involvement of former Minister for Commerce andIndustry, Gabriel Kapris, asthe Managing Director for ACES Ventures Ltd-the company currently in charge ofthPMIZ project.


“There has to be more transparency andthere has to be continuous dialogue betweenthe government and usthe landowners,” said Ayu.


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