PM Responds to Oppositions Public Debate

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill called onthe opposition to raise issues of national importance in an orderly manner.

Mr. O’Neill describedthe opposition’s public debate onthe amendments of certain sections ofthe constitution as mindsets harbored by economic, political and social misfits.

The outnumbered opposition raised this issue in Parliament on Tuesday.

He questioned Prime Minister on his description of economic, political and social misfits and psychopaths.

The Prime Minister made no apology onthe name calling. However, he repllied saying thatthe opposition played a critical role inthe country’s development and that such debates should be handled in a profession manner.

The prime minister explained earlier that a motion of no-confidence in a Prime Minister,the Ministry as a whole or a Minister asthe case may be serious business with serious negative and destabilizing effects on a nation.

He said a responsible government’seeks to correct loopholes inthe Constitution and in our laws that can be exploited by opportunists to havetheir way tothe great detriment of our citizens and residents.

He referredthe issue tothe 2012 takeover ofthe Somare regime bythe O’Neill Namah governmentthen.

He saidthe Constitutional amendments being proposed to Parliament bythe National Government is done within existing laws that govern our country and is withinthe responsibilities of Parliament asthe legislative arm of Government.

The opposition trlied to connect withthe people on a radio talk back program with FM 100 to gain momentum on a nationwide debate.

They also said to take restraining orders to stop government’s mover.

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