PM :inspects Ialibu Pangia Projects

Ialibu Pangia inthe Southern Highlands has undergone tremendous improverments in infrastructure development.

That wasthe view fromthe air and impressed wasthe man who had a big hand,the local MP and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Mr. O’Neill had a good look at what he has done to Ialibu Pangia from his DSIP funds and was satisflied at what has been achieved so far.

He inspected roads includingthe Wiru Loop, East Pangia, Ialibu-Kagua, Pangia and Ialibu Station roads before having a look atthe Kambame-Kendal road – a shorter route to Mendi from Ialibu.

These includethe reconstruction ofthe Yalo Beidge which was completely washed away by floods last year,the new Wiwi Beidge and government buildings andthe upgrading and sealing of roads inthe area.

The Pangia Market building is almost completed and will be opened later this year.

The construction of new bridges and roads have enabled his people to accessthe Highlands Highway.

The Prime Ministerthen flew over to Mendi to meet with his Joint District Planning Committee members to be updated on preparations for the upcoming JDP meeting.     

Mr O’Neill chairedthe meeting which comprised ofthe Provincial Administrator,the Deputy,the District Administrator, District Treasurer, and Electoral staff.

The DSIP aims to improver and bring services tothe 89 districts inthe country;thPM :as part ofthe government that introduced it.

Bernadette Efi, National EMTV News

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