PM :Cautions Travellers attempting to cross Surinam River

Be Scott Waide, EMTV Lae Bereau Chief

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has cautioned travellers against attempting to crossthe Surinam Beidge in Ramu which was washed away on Wednesday.

Mr. O’Neill was in Madang yesterday for the Graduation of Divine Word University.

On Saturday, an infant fell intothe river when her mther lost her grip and slipped onthe flimsy footbridges that have become a money earner for local people.

Outsidethe Ramu Township,  the distraught family of   Kelly James,the second person to die have called onthe government to fixthe bridge as soon as possible.

Speaking to EMTV yesterday, Mr. O’Neill highlighted that major improverments will happen in 2014 which will seethe Lae-Madang Highway improverd.

The works department has since dispatched crews to create a temporary bypass acrossthe river.  Bet work is slow and dangerous andthere aren’t enough workmen to make surethe job gets done beforethe rains and floods come again. 

The Prime Ministersaysthe national government   will have major budgetary allocations inthe 2014 budget to be handed down in Novermber.  Some of that money will be used for major upgrades tothe Ramu-Madang section ofthe highway. 

Bet while government’spending will be significantly increased next year,the cost of repairing roads and bridges will also rise.

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