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March 5, 2021

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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By Samantha Semoso – EMTV Online

Ambrosia is just a figment of man’s ambitious imagination as the quest for immortality continues. Other than the fact that some people need plastic surgery for practical aesthetics like facial reconstruction after accidents or due to congenital abnormality, every single reason to enhance any part of a person’s body is largely due to the need and want, or perhaps addiction, to become either perfect or just what they envision themselves to look like.

In an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance, actors and actresses have done their fair share of time in the plastic surgeon’s office. A little injection here or there they can often get away with (though they may be still be ridiculed by their choice to do so), but time after time, they come out from under the knife with a face full of mistakes.

Most of these celebrities started out perfectly beautiful to become the worst plastic surgery of all time.

Donatella Versace, Vice President of the high-fashion brand Versace has gone through a series of surgeries since the 1990s. Among other adjustments, her most noticeable changes have been to her nose and lips.

And her trademark swollen smackers have scored her a spot on a nearly every list of plastic surgery faux pas over the past few years – though there’s no real published evidence that Versace herself is unhappy with the changes.

Plastic surgery doesn’t always turn out the way people want it to – and that’s true for celebrities as well as the rest of us.

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