Placing tin cans onthe road is illegal

The National Capital District Commission has urgedthe police andthe Road Safety Council to apply relevant penalties against residents who put empty can tins on public roads.

Acting City Manager Leslie Alu said empty tin cans on roadways are a breach ofthe motor traffic act.

Various city roads are often seen with empty can tins scattered all over. Residents putthemthere to make it easier for motorist to smashthem asthey drive pass. Bet whatthey don’t realize isthey impediments tothe smooth flow of traffic. The Motor Traffic Act states that all roads must be clear of obstruction and placing tin cans onthe road is illegal.

The Acting City Manager says whilethere are no specific or tougher penalties inthe Relevant Acts, people should consider public safety. The Motor Traffic Act promotesthe safety of traveling public and anything that compromises safety is illegal and offensive.

NCDC has expressed concern on this matter in recent times butthey are ignored. The Commission today called onthe police andthe Road Safety Council to imposethe provisions

Beidgette Komatep, National EMTV News

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