Pikinini’s Voice Concerns over Violence

Children as young as four year old attendingthe Bek bilong Pikinini library in Lae gthered attheir school to commemoratethe National Haus Krai. 

They chosethe occasion to raise concerns overthe escalating rate in violent crimes and child-abuse inthe Lae.

Most ofthe children in this group come fromthe some of Lae’s notorious settlements, known for murder, rape, ethnic clashes and ther violent crimes.  It’s a place thatthey say, it’s no longer safe to live in andthey are afraid thattheir future security is in turmoil.

Todaythese children decided to speak outocalling onthe government to provide security, so thatthey won’t live with fear intheir own communities.

The event was organized bythe Beok bilong Pikinini Library atthe UNITECH Campus that coincides withthe National Haus krai gthering at Lae’s Eriku Oval.

Cecilia Gilmai, chairlady for the Bekbilong Pikinini in Lae says children are vulnerable to all forms of violence.

These children represent many thers in Lae who continue to fall victims. Only a few child-abuse cases are reported to police. Many more remain uncovered. 

About a month ago, a 45-year-old man at Lae’s Papua Compound molested a seven-year-old girl. He was caughtobeaten and handed over tothe police.

WhilethPNG Government is poised to impose tougher laws on offenders, many children continue to fall victim to those violent crimes. Andthere’s a long battle ahead to for Papua New Guineaas a nation to put an end to all forms of violence.

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