PIH initiates clinics to address lifestyle disorders

The PacificInternational Hospital has initiated clinics to addressthe increase in changing lifestyle disorders inthe country.

Chief Executive Officer Dabeeru Patnaik said overthe years eating habits and lack of excise have changed, resulting in an increase heart problems and ther physical disorders and diseases.

Five specialty clinics were launched in Port Moresby today.

The five specialty clinics are located behindthe Port Moresby General Hospital. They include;the heart clinic, diabetic clinic, well woman clinic, well baby and pain clinic. These arethe first inthe country.

Mr. Patnaik saidthere has been an increase in patient numbers experiencing stress, diabetes and various heart problems. He saidthe change in eating habits and lifestyle are contributing factors.

He saidthe fees are convenient for grassroots to afford. The aim is to encourage citizens to go for regular health check-ups.

ther benefits include Dental and Eye consultations for twenty five kina each.

The hospital is also looking forward tothe construction ofthe new hospital construction next month. Once completed, Papua New Guineas will have access to life saving operations inthe country.

Bernadette Efi, National EMTV News

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