People with Special Needs in Papa Village Call for More Recognition


By Jacob Niru – EM TV, Port Moresby 

UPNG Journalism student

More than fifty people living with special needs in Papa village, just outside of Port Moresby, have called on the government to recognise their aspirations, and to empower them.

This was made known through the Kapi Foundation yesterday, while receiving support from the foundation, the first of its’ kind for the people.

Brown Kapi made a special call on the  government, stating that people living with special needs must be loved, cared and be empowered.

The foundation donated three wheel chairs, second-hand clothes and food items to the persons living with special needs; witnessed by family, friends, and loved ones.

“Since independence in 1975,any successive government in PNG have always over looked, marginalised and have been ignored of the special abilities that these people have which can make valuable contribution in nation building’ ’he said.

He said that the talents, rights and aspirations of people with special needs have been marginalised, suppressed and ignored by the government and communities alike.

Kapi stressed that today most of the people living with special needs are even ignored by their families, and described this as being morally wrong. He pointed out that there is a missing link between the government and these people.

He further said, the government’s focus is on prioritising agendas for people living with normal lives, while services for people with special needs such as education,facilities,special equipment, and other necessities are neglected. 

He says the presentation of the wheel chairs and other gifts marks the Kapi Foundation’s first ever visit outside of Port Moresby.

Papa Village Chief, Nau Nau, on behalf of the Papa Community, thanked the Kapi Foundation, and said that this was the first time for them to receive recognition, as such. He said that no such support has ever been seen from any government or charity organisation.

Nau Nau said that the community has more than 50 people with special needs but due to lack of recognition from government authorities, family members take on the responsibility.

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