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People of Moresby South Given Permission to Sell Betel-nut Inside Sabama Market

Since the Betel nut ban in Port Moresby, families making a living from betel nut sales were hit the hardest.

While city security and police officers did their job to stop the illegal smuggling of betel nut into Moresby, betel nut smuggling still continued. People kept selling betel nut within the city surroundings, with fear of challenges of the ban with police who confiscated betel nut from people.

Since then, Moresby South residents petitioned their concerns to local MP Juntin Tkatchenko to help them find a safe place to sell betel nut, so they could continue to sell and make a living.

After negotiations with NCD Governor, the people of Moresby South were given permission to sell their betel nut inside the newly built Sabama market.

Tkatchenko says providing a safe place for people to continue to help and support their families in one way or another is the responsibility of their local leaders.

Samaba market has also given vegetable sellers and residents the opportunity to buy and sell, while providing informal job opportunities.

The challenge for the people now is to keep the selling areas clean, and free of betel nut spit and rubbish that can create health hazard to the people.

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