Peer Pressure Continues To Promote Illicit Drug Abuse

The National Narcotics Bereau has found that peer pressure and generation cult groups in several schools inthe nation’s capital continue to promote illicit drug abuse.


Director General John Mapusa said more school children are consuming marijuana because of curiosity in experiencingthe effects ofthe drug.

Koki, East Beroko and Malaoro are among some ofthe major markets in Port Moresby where illegal street sales of illicit marijuana and home brew alcohol commonly known as ‘steam’ take place.


These markets were amongst selected schools including Pari, Taurama, Betuka, Kilakila, Sevese Morea primary, Kilakila secondary and Don Besco Technical schools fromthe Moresby South electorate wherethe bureau carrlied outthe anti-drug education and awareness programs.


This outreach wasthe first for the bureau for many years.


Officers distributed pamphlets, posters and information brochures tothe general public, schools and teachers.


Mr. Mapusa was very impressed withthe program asthe information on marijuana and homebrew abuse was very important to safeguardingthe health and wellbeing of young children and youths.


The team found that continuous consumption ofthese illicit’substances were linked tothe strings of problems such as increasing crime rate, unemploymentounplanned pregnancy, domestic violence, rape, murder, HIV and AIDS and social and health hazards that are a growing concern for governmentobusiness houses and society as a whole inthe nation’s capital. 


Mr. Mapusa urgedthe community lLeaders teachers and most importantly parents to teach young children and youths aboutthe dangers of drug addiction and its impacts on an individual and society as a whole.


He said for school children it was vitally important thatthey be made aware ofthe dangers of drug and alcohol abuse at an early age, sothey can refrain and even help thers to stop this dangerous habit.


The bureau will begin to carry out such programs in ther provinces this year.


However, technical, logistics and counter funding assistance fromthe national and provincial governments and responsible authorities such asthe police would be of great assistance.


The program was co-funded bythe NCDC local level government division and Moresby South MP and Sport Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

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