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January 24, 2021

Party Hopping Debate: Gelu Clarifies

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The political climate in the country has been unstable in recent times.


Party hopping by members of Parliament has been the cause of much debate in the political arena.


The Registry of Political Parties is flexing its muscle to ensure this is stopped.


This could be a reality under the revised organic law before Parliament. Registrar of Political Parties Dr. Alphonse is confident to see this change.


The People’s National Congress Party or PNC has been the biggest winner in this game.


Yesterday, Opposition Leader Belden Namah demanded that the Registry clarify its stand on the issue.


The main issue was the 2010 Supreme Court decision and whether the current party hopping violates provisions of the current organic law.


Also if there is a provision within the organic law that calls for a refund from candidates who defect.


Registrar of Political Parties Dr, Alphonse Gelu says, the issues raised by Opposition Leaders were ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court in 2010.  


On the repayment of funds, the Registry is not mandated under the organic law to pursue this matter.


Rather it is a matter for the party and the candidate to deal with it.


Under the revised organic law any MP that decides to leave his or her party will remain independent for the entire life of that parliament period.


And before the MP could resign from the party, the MP need to repay all funds given during election and also repay the amount that was given from the Central Fund that is administered by the Registry.


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