Party Amalgamation Encouraged

The Registry of Political Parties and Candidates has encouraged smaller political parties to merge to consolidatetheir positions and ensure stronger stability inthe country.

Registrar, Dr Alphonse Gelu put that to executives of political parties at a meeting in Port Moresby, and party executives agreed this should happen.

One reason for the call to amalgamate parties is because smaller partiesthese days find it hard to survive due to financial constraints.

Dr Gelu says this can be achieved where two parties with similar polices come togther to merge into one.

His call was backed by some party executives including that ofthe United Resources Party, Peter Koim.

However, Leader ofthe Greens Party Dorothy Tekwie whose party has no representative in parliament while agreeing tothe idea also raised concerns of a lack of support for her party policies from ther parties.

She says this makes it a little difficult for her to merge her party, however has been lobbying with ther MP’sto raise her party’s concerns in parliament.

Dr Gelu also raised concerns of party executives getting paid for doing nothing; not even reporting to his office.

He saidthe workshop will try to correct some ofthese issues so parties can work in close partnership with his office and buildtheir capacities.

Ruth Rungula, National EMTV News

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