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October 27, 2021

Parliament passes Dealth Penalty

Parliament has passedthe death penalty to be imposed against serious criminal acts.Included is willful murder of a person accused of sorcery, and aggravated rape.

The debate onthe death penalty was lively. Justice Minister Kerenga Kua saidthe issue was debated inthe media bythe public;there were calls for the death penalty to be imposed.

He believes it will be a strong deterrent to crimes like rape, willful murder and sorcery related killings.

He said methods of death include;

1. Hanging

2. Administration of anethetics followed by lethal injection

3. Medical death through aethetic administration and deprivation of oxygen or

4. Dealth by firing squad.

Sir Michael Somare debatedthere were many clauses that needed clarity. He suggested a seminar be held to discussthe death penalty.

Opposition member Tobias Kulang did not support itohe saidthe government’should rule by conscience and not because its law. He also spoke aboutthe lack of capacity by to implement it.

Goroka MP Bere Kimisopa cautionedthe government for taking a knee jerk reaction. He said government cannot legislate on morality that life is dealt only with by God.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said it was an important legislation and one thatthe government has thought long and hard about.

He saidthere will be processes in place for the law enforcers to eventually decide whtherthe death penalty be imposed on an individual.

The criminal code bill 2013 was passed by voices.


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